2018 in 2 Minutes

God has been so incredibly faithful in 2018! Thousands of lives touched and dozens found new life in Jesus! Check out the 2-minute version below…

Thank you Agape Media for this footage!

We're also excited about what God has ahead in 2019! We’ve begun conversations with leaders throughout Ohio and even into New York and Colorado about the churches in their communities uniting to declare the glory of God. We’re seeing the establishing of a prayer network and pastors and churches growing in relationship and beginning to collaborate to transform their communities for Christ! Join us on Facebook live at www.facebook.com/declaremovement for an update on this and more on Jan 17th, 7-8pm EST.

Thank you all for being a part of this work of the Lord! The Gospel going to the ends of the earth is not possible by one personality or even key pastors or influencers—it will only happen when all of God’s people embrace their role and go forth boldly and sacrificially! One of the ways that you can partner with us is through a year-end donation, which can be made at DeclareGiving.org. Thank you for partnering with us to declare God's glory in your community and among the nations!