While many can look at the Dayton area, and believe 2019 has only been a year of tragedy, we are choosing to look at 2019 differently. 2019 has been a year where the Church has had many opportunities to not only tell of Jesus’ love, but to show it. From the opioid epidemic, to the KKK rally, to the 15 tornadoes over Memorial Day, and then to the recent mass shooting that resulted in 10 lives lost, God has positioned Declare to help in the coordination of relief efforts, prayer meetings, community leader meetings, and of course Worship Rallies. Though it has been a very busy year that has required a lot of flexibility, we have been humbly praising God for the places He is taking this ministry. Please pray with us as God continues to lead us as we Declare His name! Also, show your support by check out the future events we have coming up!

Declare Springboro 7.28.19

North park amphitheater - springboro, oh

We were blessed this year at North Park to unite many churches under the name of Jesus, and to show our love and support for the local schools. Thank you Agape Media for this video!

We rallied with the Church of Springboro to declare the freedom we have in Christ Jesus! It was a powerful time of worship and of hearing from some of the pastors from the area about why they are passionate about the Church being unified across denominational lines and why they serve in Springboro! We also heard from someone in the community who personally experienced the freedom found in Christ. The Gospel is a daily reality to be applied to our lives, and when we do, we experience all that God has for us in Jesus Christ! He is worthy!

Thank you J Spivey Photography and for these awesome photos!


declare ON The Square 6.2.19

strawberry festival - Troy, OHio

We had an amazing time worshiping and Declaring the Name of Jesus at the 2019 Troy Strawberry Festival. Thank you Agape Media for putting together this video!

Thank you Joshua Estep Media and J Spivey Photography for these photos!

We’re still celebrating and thanking God for our second opportunity to gather and worship in the center on the Strawberry Festival. With hundreds of people in attendance, both for Declare on the Square and for the Strawberry Festival, we are honored to know that countless seeds were planted and watered because of this event. We are excited to see what else will come from this, now, Strawberry Festival tradition.