We are so thankful for all that God has done in 2018! The continued testimony of this ministry is that God has been moving powerfully through His people to lift up His name and glory. Seeing God unite so many of His people across so many different communities and cities was incredible! We believe this vision transpired into reality because of the many who committed to prayer, and we look forward to seeing these events develop into Christ-centered, collaborative community in the days ahead. Check out what God has done below, or join us for a future event!

Declare Dayton 10.7.2018

Fifth Third Field - Dayton, OH

Thank you Agape Media for this awesome highlight video!

We are still so overwhelmed by all that God did at the Dragons Stadium. God showed His hand time and time again and it is abundantly clear that Declare Dayton was God’s work! From serving the community to declaring that He is Lord, God worked in such apparent ways! We saw people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and hundreds of believers stand to declare that they are surrendering all they have to Jesus.

We had an amazing opportunity to lift high the Name of Jesus in stadium with believers across Dayton! Over 50 churches were represented during the event and dozens more came out to declare that we have Victory in Jesus. God desires that we would be one as He is One and seeing His people come together to be answer that call was a beautiful and powerful thing!

Thank you J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for these awesome photos!


Declare Cincinnati 9.30.18

Fountain Square - Cincinnati, OH

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We rallied with believers all across Cincinnati to declare life in Jesus’ Name! This time of worship was marked by so much freedom. Those who came to the square that night were there to worship and worship with all that they had! It was a powerful time of lifting high Jesus’ Name in such a public space for many people to witness. Many leaders from across the city came together to make a unified declaration over the city of Cincinnati! There is so much power in unity!

In mid September there was a shooting at the Fifth Third bank right off of the square. How like God to ordain His people to declare His Name just a few weeks later? In a place where such tragedy occurs we declared life and hope in Jesus. God is in and over all things! To Him be the glory!

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Declare Springboro 9.28.18

North park amphitheater - springboro, oh

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We rallied with the Church of Springboro to declare the freedom we have in Christ Jesus! It was a powerful time of worship and of hearing from some of the pastors from the area about why they are passionate about the Church being unified across denominational lines and why they serve in Springboro! We also heard from someone in the community who personally experienced the freedom found in Christ. The Gospel is a daily reality to be applied to our lives! And when we do, we experience all that God has for us in Jesus Christ! Jesus is worthy!

Thank you J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for these sweet photos!


Rise Dayton 8.24.18

Stebbins High School - Dayton, OH

We rallied with students from all across Dayton to worship together and to declare that, in Jesus, we can rise above the hardships and challenges we face every day! Reggie Dabbs shared a powerful word about how much God loves us and how much He pursues us every day. In response we saw 44 students say "Yes" to Jesus. God is working powerfully in the next generation and we are so excited and humbled to be a part of the process! We are also excited and expectant for what God is going to do in the future as we continue to collaborate and partner together with churches and believers in Dayton to see the next generation captivated by the beauty and glory of the Lord!

A huge thank you to J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for the awesome photos!

Thank you Agape Media for this amazing highlight video capturing an incredible night of worship and declaration!


Declare Northmont 6.29.18

Centennial park - Englewood, OHio

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We are so thankful for all that the Lord did in Centennial Park! Pastors had already been praying for months, and we saw several hundred believers gather together to pray over their community and worship the Lord. This event was a powerful time of being led in worship by twelve different worship leaders from ten different churches and being led in several times of prayer by 7 different pastors in the area. What a great opportunity we had to align our hearts with the Lord and to intercede for the Northmont community. It was a wonderful time committing ourselves to the Lord and to prayer for the event next year!

Would you pray with us for Declare Northmont 2019? You can already register to help!

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declare ON The Square 6.3.18

strawberry festival - Troy, OHio

Thank you Joshua Estep Media and J Spivey Photography for these photos!

Thank you Agape Media for donating this video!

Praise God for a powerful start to 2018! Over four years ago, we began praying about holding Declare in the middle of the city square in Troy. Little did we know at that time that God was going to not only invite us to the town square, but in the middle of the Strawberry Festival! This was a unique and powerful opportunity to hold a Sunday morning worship service bringing the churches and believers across Troy together to share God's love and glory with thousands of people in the heart of the community. Several people came to know Christ in salvation, MANY other seeds were planted and watered! We thank God for opening the door, and the leadership of the Strawberry Festival for the invitation.

God has started 2018 off with His clear blessing, and we look forward to seeing everything else He has in store, for His glory! 

Thank you J Spivey Photography for these photos!