We praise God for all that He has done for His glory in 2017! It has been a remarkable year as we have seen God multiply the vision to rally His Church to publicly declare His glory and salvation. God put this burden on hearts of pastors and leaders to hold ministry nights all around and within Greater Dayton with thousands in attendance and dozens coming to Christ in salvation! View the photos and videos below to see what He brought together, and we pray that all of this is a testament to you of the power and glory of our God! We have great anticipation of what He has yet ahead in 2018 and beyond!

declare dayton 9.17.17

Courthouse Square

What a powerful night to stand with Dayton Women in the Word and churches across Dayton on Courthouse Square to declare the restoration and hope of Jesus Christ over our city through worship and a public reading of Nehemiah! We were honored to partner with Echoing Hills Village as they serve those with developmental disabilities and also highlight a number of ministries and resources that are on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic.

We saw God's hand move so clearly through this ministry! He simultaneously stirred multiple leaders across the city to gather on Courthouse Square, and even moved a couple to pray on Courthouse Square on the SAME NIGHT we had already scheduled Declare Dayton! We trust God will multiply the cries of His people and that many more will come to know the Lord in salvation!

Thank you Agape Media for the video and J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for the photos!

United Night 8.18.17

Hance Pavilion - Piqua, Ohio

After doing many Declare events, we had the opportunity to sponsor another worship night for the first time! We came alongside friends of ours at United Night with a very similar passion to see the glory of the Lord publicly declared and His Church united under Christ. Praise God for a powerful night to worship the Lord at Hance Pavilion in Piqua! We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with the Bethany Center to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community!

The highlight of this ministry was seeing God's people rise up--without us having to drive the movement! God gave leaders throughout Piqua, Miami County and beyond a heart to gather to declare the glory of the Lord, all we had to do was come along and help provide resources and encouragement. This is a great answer to prayer as we have been asking that the Lord would multiply this passion to publicly declare His praise and glory!

Photo Credit: Joshua Estep Media

declare centerville 6.30.17

Stubbs park amphitheater

What a beautiful night God gave us to declare His glory and share the hope of Christ in Centerville! Praise God for the lives touched, over $2,500 raised for Centerville Food2Go and over 200 pounds of canned goods donated for First Dawn Food Pantry!

All week leading up to this night, the weather forecast was questionable. Even the day of, there were chances of scattered thunderstorms. We set up and prayed continually that God would hold the rain off until after the event. He provided beautiful weather as we worshiped, and as people left we saw a dark line of thunderstorm rapidly approaching. We packed the trucks as quickly as possible and continued to pray. In the same moment that we shut the truck door, it began to POUR and we all ran to our vehicles! God has shown His power to provide the way for His people to stand up and declare His glory!

Thank you Agape Media for the video and J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for the photos!

Declare Troy 5.19.17

Hobart arena

We praise God for an awesome night and for the souls that came to Christ at Declare Troy at Hobart Arena!! Please pray they continue to grow in Christ and God strengthens His Church! We're also thankful for those who gave over $2,000 to support the ministry of Partners In Hope!


We saw so much spiritual battle through this ministry, but in the end the Lord prevailed and many souls were won for Christ! God burdened us with the need for a prayer team, and within that week he had the prayer team leader reach out to us. We were on the verge of canceling this event just a week out, but after an all-night prayer walk, God brought in the funds to make this ministry possible! As a result, we saw God's Church inspired by the power of God, and 25 come forward to commit or rededicate their lives to Christ! God is good, all the time!

Thank you Agape Media for the video and J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for the photos!

declare xenia 4.30.17

Shawnee Park

Praise God for an amazing night of unity in the Church and declaring His glory and deeds in Xenia at Shawnee Park! Thank you to everyone who came out to be part of it... we're excited about what God has already done and can't wait for what He has ahead!

A testimony of God's timing with this ministry was our partnership with Bridges of Hope. They had been going through a year-long process trying to find a permanent location for their homeless shelter and outreach programs. Just days before Declare Xenia, God provided them their ministry home and we were able to celebrate God's faithfulness and provision together with them!

Thank you Agape Media for the video and J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for the photos!

Declare Greenville 3.3.17

Memorial Hall

Praise the Lord for a beautiful evening to declare the glory of God and proclaim the hope of Christ in Greenville, Ohio! Over $1,500 were raised for Crisis Relief to enable the Church to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in crisis.


God had recently done a powerful work through the ministry of Revive Ohio as the churches went out into the community to share Christ and saw hundreds come to know Him in salvation! This night was a celebration of what God had already done, a continuation of the unity in the churches, and an anticipation of all that God has yet ahead in Darke County!

Thank you Agape Media for the video and J Spivey Photography and Joshua Estep Media for the photos!