2014. When it all began. A few worship leaders began to grow a friendship, and felt God prompting them to join together for a worship night. 

There's part of us that sometimes wishes we could say we had a big vision then for what was going to come ahead. But we didn't. We simply wanted to come together to worship the Lord, because He is worth it. We had read Psalm 96:3, "Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples", and wanted to live out that verse. We had no plans of beginning a growing movement. We simply wanted to worship the King of Kings with our brothers and sisters in Christ from across our community, because He is worthy and there is unity and power in the name of Jesus.

We are actually very glad that God began Declare in this humble way. It gives Him all the glory for what He has done since, and what He will yet do in the future! This is not our dream. This is God's dream. God's heart for His people to rally together, declaring His glory and salvation. And as we do, we have great expectation of all the great things God has in store in the future, for His glory! 


Declare Troy 5.18.14

The photos above are from our first ever Declare event on the levee in Troy, Ohio. We knew that we wanted to declare God's glory in a public way, so we chose a visible place in our community to stand together and do just that.

From the beginning, God showed His hand over this ministry and honored our desire to worship Him. As we set up all the equipment, we tripped the power just hours before the event started. We debated whether to cancel the event or try to sing with just a guitar and no amplification... but God prompted the city electrician to provide access to additional breakers so that we could complete setting up and worship together in unity! That first night was nothing flashy, nothing the news covered. But it was the beginning of this movement of the people of God answering His call to publicly declare His glory, being united under His name and trusted that He is able to carry out His plans! God is ALWAYS worthy of praise, whether in an arena or a local park. We pray this simple beginning will be an inspiration to many others to worship the Lord and respond to His call in their lives!

Photo Credit: Emilie Tapscott, Chris Denlinger and Steve Deaton