Rallying God's Church to vibrantly and truthfully declare His glory among the nations


Create, Foster and Cultivate opportunites for believers and churches to gather to worship God and grow in a Biblical understanding and practice of worship


God is seeking true worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:23), and we eagerly anticipate joining the eternal praise alongside the multitude of believers and angels around the throne of God in heaven. Until then, we will create corporate worship partnerships for believers and churches to gather and worship Him.


Where churches or other ministries are already gathering and growing God's people in worshiping Him, we will come alongside and foster these efforts. We exist not to spread our own name, but to magnify His and support others who do the same (Psalm 115:1).


Worshiping the Lord is not simply an event, but rather a lifestyle (Romans 12:1). We are passionate about cultivating growth in a Biblical understanding and practice of worship, and will facilitate gatherings and provide instruction and resources to that end.


Photo Credit: Christina Von Moll


Declare Worship Community began as God coordinated the meeting and growing relationships of a few worship leaders in the Miami Valley region of Ohio. In October of 2012, believers from several churches came together for a night of worship. There was nothing extraordinary about this event, except that God's people worshiped Him and relationships were established. After that night, God burdened the hearts of several of us who served as worship leaders to have this gathering of worshipers from various churches not just be a one time event. We began meeting each month for breakfast and dreaming about what this would look like. In May of 2013, we came together in another local church and invited others to join and worship the Lord with us.

Following that event, we continued to sense God's prompting to facilitate an ongoing movement of God's Church gathering to worship Him. After several meetings of prayer and planning, Worship Community - Miami Valley was formed. We launched a Facebook page and collaborated to plan the next worship night. As we were praying through what to title the event, God directed us to Psalm 96:3, "Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!" With this, we discovered not only the title of that first Worship Community event, but also the vision for the organization: declaring God's glory among the nations. With that goal in mind, we purposed to hold the event in a public and visible area (the levee in Troy, OH) rather than within the walls of a church building.

Since that first Declare worship night, we have held many more Declare events, continuing to invite other worship leaders, believers and churches to join with us in declaring God's glory. We have held Worship Workshops, equipping entire worship teams with practical Biblical and musical knowledge to better serve their churches. We facilitate a monthly gathering of area worship leaders and provide resources and instruction to grow a Biblical understanding and practice of worship throughout the Miami Valley region of Ohio. We are excited about what God has done through this ministry so far as we recently held Declare Dayton at UD Arena, and eagerly anticipate seeing how He will continue grow it for His glory! We believe that the best is yet to come as we keep our eyes on the Lord and pursue Him!

God has provided incredible opportunities for our ministry to grow both in the Miami Valley and beyond with a number of nights or worship and revival coming up in 2017! Join us for a future Declare event, watch a video sharing more or give to make these events possible!