We are so excited about what God has ahead in 2018, and also what we have already seen Him do! The continued testimony of this ministry is that God has been moving powerfully through His people to lift up His name and glory. We have great expectation of how He continues to give opportunities and draw more people unto Himself in this season! Check out what God has done so far this year below, of join us for a future event!

declare ON The Square 6.3.18

strawberry festival - Troy, OHio

Thank you Joshua Estep Media and J Spivey Photography for these photos!

Thank you Agape Media for donating this video!

Praise God for a powerful start to 2018! Over four years ago, we began praying about holding Declare in the middle of the city square in Troy. Little did we know at that time that God was going to not only invite us to the town square, but in the middle of the Strawberry Festival! This was a unique and powerful opportunity to hold a Sunday morning worship service bringing the churches and believers across Troy together to share God's love and glory with thousands of people in the heart of the community. Several people came to know Christ in salvation, MANY other seeds were planted and watered! We thank God for opening the door, and the leadership of the Strawberry Festival for the invitation.

God has started 2018 off with His clear blessing, and we look forward to seeing everything else He has in store, for His glory!